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Castle Wear

Castle Wear


Reviews: 74 | Score: 3 | Price: €1.00

An old-school persistent turn-based rogue-like game influenced by heroic fantasy, currently in

alpha stage

development, mainly for Wear but not only.



be indulgent

concerning the bugs, crashes, lack of content and the high difficulty, "Castle Wear" is in ALPHA stage development, a very early state part of the alpha funding program. this is simply under construction.

In the contrary of crowd-funding, you already have a "playable" but unfinished product in your hands.


The evil sorcerer Diordna stole a very rare talisman from the King and generated a mysterious labyrinth with its power under the King's Castle. Since then the ruler has gone mad and has started to continuously send new recruits further down in the maze to retrieve the previous artifact from the hands of Diordna.


• Weigh your party (e.g. take two fighters, a thief, a cleric and two mages).

• Do not run in the wall, it makes noise and that might alert nearby monsters.

• Remember where your everyone died, you can retrieve their corpses with another party later on.

• Be cautious with spells points. You can only refill them via resting in the Adventurer's Inn.

• You can only level up in the Adventurer's Inn.

• The difficulty is high, so do not worry if you die often.


• Hundred of items and hundred of creatures

• Custom character creation, 8 classes (e.g. Fighter), 5 different races (e.g. Elf), gold, exp and many attributes

• 50 unique spells split into Mage and Cleric categories, divided into 7 levels of power and varying effects

• Few NPC available (e.g. Trading center, Temple)

• An underground textured 3D maze (raycasting) infested of monsters

• A turn-by-turn combat system allowing various actions per member

• Non persistent auto-map


• Better UI, better performance

• Cloud save, quest system, achievements and rewards

• Real-time multi-player battle mode (fight with your friends)

• Procedural random level generation

• A real story-line

• Multi-class mode

Contact me if you think I forgot you in the Credits page.