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Strategic cardio

Strategic cardio


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Usually when you want to burn fat, what you do is constant low-intensity aerobic training, and fat burning during exercise. This works but you have the possibility of losing muscle in the process; Also, it does not begin to burn fat to last 15 minutes.

Another way to lose fat is interval training with high intensity (HIIT). They are shorter workouts, but much harder; this makes our metabolism increases and the next day we burn more fat.

The strategic cardio is a mix of those two things, and it works:

- 15 minute intervals

          - 5 minutes of warming: start walking and gradually increase the speed until a smooth trot

          - 6 x intervals: run at full speed for 30 seconds and then walk for one minute. Repeated six times.

          - 1 minutes cooling: walking

20 minutes of cardio steadily

          - Jogging at an easy pace in the region of 60%.

The first 15 minutes are free fatty acids in the blood for use as energy, and the last 20 minutes we burn.

This training can be applied to any cardiovascular exercise.

With the implementation of Strategic Cardio, you can control the different stages of training with the press of a button. It is also compatible with Android wear.

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