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Pomoves - Active Pomodoro

Pomoves - Active Pomodoro

David Cruz

Reviews: 7 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

The Pomodoro technique is well known for helping us improve focus and performance throughout the day, but what are you doing with those short breaks? Are you getting the most out of them?

Instead of just checking your social networks, news, or whatever you think about, what if you just get out of that chair and get moving? Let your blood flow, refresh your brain, breathe... so that when you get back, you are strong and ready to get things done.

Pomoves is a simple to use Pomodoro timer that will connect to your Google Fit profile, and will allow you to keep track of how much you move during breaks. If you're not doing this now, you will be surprise how much of a difference those 5 minute breaks will make when you add them all up.

Here is a simple example:

With a goal of 12 Pomodoros/day, you get 3 x 3 short breaks (5 min) + 2 long breaks (15 min), that would be:

3 x 3 x 5 min = 45 min

2 x 15 min = 30 min

For a total of 75 minutes moving!

That means you beat your goal of 1hour/day. Not only that, for an average male weighing 160 pounds, those 75 min translate to the following:

Sitting ~ 152 calories

Standing ~ 196 calories

Walking (3mph) ~ 400 calories!!

So it's all up to you, get even better than what you are today, and Pomoves will help you keep track of it.