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jose vazquez

Reviews: 26007 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Map viewer, track logger.

You can use OruxMaps for your outdoor activities (running, trekking, mountain bike, paragliding, flying, nautic sports, etc.)

Some permissions explained:

1.-SEND_SMS: For new SOS feature.

2.-GET_ACCOUNTS: For secure login in OruxMaps servers.

3.-READ_CONTACTS: For fast friend selection.

100% free

100% no advertisements

Online and offline maps. Support to multiple formats:

-OruxMaps format. You can use maps from Ozi Explorer transformed with a PC tool.


-.img garmin (vectorial) - no full support is provided.


-.rmap (vectorial from mapsforge). Support to custom themes similar to Locus themes.

Support to Wms, you can use the application as a WMS viewer.

3D view.

Support to multiple external devices:

-GPS bluetooth.

-Heart rate monitors, bluetooth Zephyr, Polar (including bluetooth smart devices, like polar H7).

-ANT+ (speed, cadence, heart rate, distance, etc.).

-AIS information systems (experimental), for nautical sports, using Wi-fi or bluetooth.

More features:

Support to KML, KMZ and GPX formats.

Share your position with your friends, display the position of your friends on your device.

Download online maps for offline use.

Text to speech support.

Profiles; save your preferences on your SD card.

Statistics with graphics.

Follow routes, with different alarms to alert you if you are near a waypoint, or you are far from the route.

Create/save waypoints, attaching photo/audio/video extensions.

Custom waypoint types, with your icons.

Basic support to Geocaching.

Correct the altitude of your tracks/routes using DEM files (offline) or online services.

Search/download tracks from:

Search or create tracks offline using Broute app.

Upload tracks to:

Live tracking using:

-okmap application

-gpsgate protocol

More info here: