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Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad

Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad

Golf Pad GPS

Reviews: 8357 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Golf Pad is an advanced golf GPS rangefinder, scorecard and shot tracker

. Use the app by itself or with

Golf Pad TAGS

- the ultimate real-time golf gps shot tracking system.

* Easy and intuitive -

it just works

* Optimized to

save battery life

* Available on

34,000+ golf courses around the world

* Start playing in seconds -

no registration required

* Works with

Anrdoid Wear, Samsung Gear and Pebble


* Conforms to

tournament rules

NEW! Golf Pad TAGS work with Golf Pad GPS | Know every shot's distance without pulling phone from your pocket!

Featured at the PGA Show and on Kickstarter,

Golf Pad TAGS

let you easily track and improve your game. Available for only $99, the system includes a set of 15 durable ultra-lightweight tags. Put one on the back of each club, then simply tap it before each stroke to seamlessly capture the game in full detail. Get your set at

Just need a fast free

golf gps rangefinder and scoring app

? Download Golf Pad GPS, it works with or without TAGS.

Many features that cost money in competitor golf gps apps are included for

free in Golf Pad GPS.

Like instant distance to front/middle/back of the green, detailed scoring for up to 4 golfers, aerial maps with flyovers, tee-to-green shot & club tracking, and more. This is not a trial or a demo. Play as many courses as often as you like, anywhere in the world.

It's FREE and will be free forever.

Get extended statistics, smartwatch sync and handicap scoring with Golf Pad Premium upgrade.

Free feature highlights:


Free golf GPS rangefinder.

Instant distance to middle/front/back of the green, or any point on course

* Free

PGA-quality scorecard for 1-4 golfers

. Track strokes, putts, penalties, sand and fairways for every player

* One-tap

shot tracker

. Easily record positions and clubs, measure length of your shots. Use it for drives or for every shot from tee to green. Review shots on the map and share with friends


Free aerial map

. Tap to measure golf gps distance to bunkers, water or any other point on golf course

* Keep full playing history. Review and edit scores for past golf rounds at any time


Conforms to USGA tournament play rules

when used in Regulation Mode

* Track your progress with

detailed statistics

, including scoring, putts, accuracy, penalties, fairways, sand, GIR and distance walked

* See where your loose shots and improve your game with the revolutionary

Strokes Gained



Share rounds on Twitter, Facebook or email

. Your friends will see the scorecard, notes and shots map as you play or after the round

* Works for mini golf and disc golf with 'uncharted mode'

* GPS rangefinder supports meters or yards

NO registration. NO course download fees. NO LIMITS.

We are always adding features and making Golf Pad GPS even easier to use. If you have a feature request, a question or need help, see We’ll be happy to help!

Was your course recently updated? Golfing at a brand new course?

We have over 34,000 courses around the world. In an unlikely event yours is missing, you can map it in few minutes on your own computer: Problem with an existing course? You can edit it right on your phone. Just start the round there and pick 'Report a problem' in the menu.

Join over 1,000,000 golfers who chose GolfPad GPS range finder & scorecard over SkyDroid, Free Caddie, GolfShot, GameGolf, Arccos, Swing by Swing, SkyCaddie, GolfLogix, GolfNow and other golf gps navigator apps. Learn more at

Read our reviews. Golfers LOVE this app!


Simply the best

I've tried so many other apps and GPS gadgets for golf along side golf pad and this remains top pick for me, friendly on battery and accurate and all recent update functions make this app an utter joy to use. 10stars from me.

高尔夫Pad是一种先进的高尔夫GPS测距仪,记分卡和跟踪拍摄。最终的实时高尔夫GPS跟踪拍摄系统 - 其本身或与


*简单和直观的 -






*开始在几秒钟内打 -







高尔夫球垫标记让你轻松地跟踪和提高你的游戏。仅适用于$ 99,该系统包括一套15耐用的超轻型标签。把一个在每家具乐部的背面,然后互搏之前只需点击它来捕捉完美的比赛中全部细节。让您在集。


























* GPS测距仪支持米或码





加入超过100万球手谁选择GolfPad GPS测距仪和计分卡上SkyDroid,免费球童,的Golfshot,GameGolf,反余弦,由秋千秋千,SkyCaddie,GolfLogix,GolfNow和其他高尔夫GPS导航仪的应用程序。了解更多。