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Find My Watch for Android Wear

Find My Watch for Android Wear


Reviews: 252 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Find My Watch uses your watch's microphone to transmit what the watch hears to your phone. Just start the app on your phone and call out to your watch! You'll hear your voice on the phone, just keep calling out and walking around until you find it. This method is guaranteed to work every time.

In addition you can choose Flash and Vibrate, which will make your watch vibrate and flash the screen to help you locate it.

- Find Watch with Microphone and Flashing screen

- Find Watch with Vibrate and Flashing screen

- Install app on a Watch that is currently lost!

(In-App Purchase for donations only)

Note: Only works with Android Wear devices and will not work with others such as Pebble...

** Your wear device must be on and connected to phone via Bluetooth for this to work **

** After installing please wait a minute or two for the app to get synced to your watch. If status gets stuck on "Initializing", the app probably hasn't gotten synced to your watch yet **



- マイクと点滅画面で鑑賞探します

- バイブと点滅画面で鑑賞探します

- 現在失われている時計のアプリをインストール!


注:のみAndroid Wearデバイスで動作し、そのような小石のような他のものでは動作しません...