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weather watch face Shadow

weather watch face Shadow

wearable tapani

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Shadow weather wear watch face

Shadow is a modern hybrid watch face with a futuristic on and off animation pattern and

displays current weather conditions along with the time, date and wearable / phone battery indicator.

This watch face design turns your Android watch into a high-end weather timepiece.

Shadow is designed for ultimate readability in low light situations.

It works on all Android Wear devices and supports round and square smartwatches.

!!! TO USE ALL THE FOLOWING FUNCTION please be shure that your "android wear" app is connected with your watch !!!

✔ Weather data for current location ( GPS or IP location )

✔ Display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius

✔ Watch battery indicator

✔ Phone battery indicator

✔ Watch date of month widget

✔ Superior readability

✔ Bold and exclusive design

✔ Battery saving ambient mode minimal glow design

✔ Watch widgets optional on / off

✔ Supports round and squared watches

Customization of Shadow watch face

► Open Android Wear companion app

► Select watch face in the selection

► Then you will see a settings icon on top of the watch face

► Press on the settings icon on top of watch

► Now you can customize your watch face

Installation Tip:

If the Application does not appear on your watch please do the following steps:

1. Disconnect watch from phone

2. Uninstall the watch face

3. Restart watch and connect device again

4. Then finally install the watch face

Supported devices

- This watchface works on all Android Wear devices

- Supports round (LG G Watch R and Moto 360) and rectangular smartwatches ( Samsung Gear Live , LG G Watch, ASUS ZenWatch and Sony SmartWatch 3 ).

- Does NOT work on Samsung Gear and smartwatches using other operating systems

!! Please contact me if you have any trouble with the app !!

Tapani Germany Smart Watch & Android Watch Faces design Company ©






它适用于所有Android Wear设备,并支持圆形和方形smartwatches。













►打开Android Wear配套应用












- 这watchface适用于所有的Andr​​oid Wear设备

- 全面支持(LG摹观看R和摩托360)和矩形smartwatches(三星齿轮现场,LG摹关注,华硕ZenWatch和索尼的SmartWatch 3)。

- 不会对三星齿轮的工作和smartwatches使用其他操作系统