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Widget RPG

Widget RPG

ru3ch initiative

Reviews: 20127 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Explore the world where absurdity is everyday reality. Tap the widget to progress through game, gather experience, level up, find items and equip your hero with them. Experience what you have never experienced before in the game like no other.


• simplified role-playing game

• easy to play, easy to master

• transform mindless taps on widget to actions in a fantasy world

• tap on your square or round Android Wear watch - even by voice :)

• game where your imagination matters

• 300+ items never seen together in a single game

• 100+ NPCs to kill or befriend (70+ unique)

• 27 locations to explore on 3 maps

• 3 minigames to test your skills

• references to characters, products, games and places you may know :)

• hilarious, absurd, crazy, a bit weird too

• great way to kill some time when you are totally bored

• time-limited quests (optional)

• achievements and global leaderboards (optional)

• send gifts and item requests to your friends (optional)

• save your progress to the cloud through Saved Games (optional)

• optimized for tablets and phones (landscape layout for 8.8-inch displays and up)

• in-app purchases done right - don't pay and still enjoy the game

• doesn't drain battery much

• doesn't require hundreds of megabytes to be downloaded

• it won't install itself, so don’t wait any longer and hit the Install button

‘Cause we don’t take everything seriously.

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Having troubles with the widget?

Are you not able to find the widget in the widget list or widget taps are not reflected in the game? Please make sure the game is installed in the internal memory (not on SD card), try device restart or application reinstall. If you are using custom launcher, try using default or other one. Please send us an email and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, activate 'Tap Head' from navigation drawer and tap it to progress through the game (

不条理が日常の現実である世界を探検。 、ゲームを進行経験、レベルアップを収集し、アイテムを見つけ、彼らとあなたのヒーローを装備するウィジェットをタップします。あなたは他のようなゲームで前に経験したことのないものを体験してください。





•お使いの正方形または円形のAndroid Wear時計をタップ - でも音声で:)



•100+ NPCは(ユニーク70+)殺すか仲良くなるために











•は、アプリ内購入が正しく行わ - ゲームを楽しむ、まだ払っていません