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Eugene Rakhmatulin

Reviews: 43 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

The first aviation weather app for Android Wear (for U.S. airports only for now)!

Use your voice to request METAR and TAF for a particular airport, city or nearest airport (U.S. only currently).

Usage instructions:

On an active watchface, say "ok Google, start Airport Weather". Alternatively you can use one of the available launchers to launch Airport Weather application on your Wear device (not the handheld!) or choose Airport Weather from the start or recents menu.

It will launch the app and display the main menu.

You can choose between Search, Nearest, manually input ICAO or domestic code or 5 most recent successful searches.

If you choose "Search", you can then say the airport name (e.g. "Palomar Airport") or city name (e.g. "San Diego").

"Nearest" option will display weather for the closest airport within 25 miles.

The result will come back as an actionable notification with current color-coded flight rules (VFR, IFR, etc) if a single airport was found or the worst flight rules if multiple airports were found.

You can then click on the notification to see the full decoded weather card. If several airports are found, you can scroll the cards vertically.

If you swipe left (scroll to the right) on a METAR card, it will show you decoded TAF for that airport if available, or nearest TAF within 25nm from that airport. All standard US TAF features are supported, excluding parameters specific to military airports. However, it does handle military TAFs properly (converts kilometers to statute miles, etc).

Please be prepared to wait up to a minute if your search was too broad.

Tested on LG G Watch, moto360 and LG G Watch R.

(米国の空港のためにのみ今のところ)Android Wearの最初の航空気象アプリ!



アクティブwatchfaceで、「OK Googleは、空港天気を開始」と言います。別の方法としては、(!ないハンドヘルド)ご着用デバイス上空港天気アプリケーションを起動するために利用可能なランチャーのいずれかを使用するか、開始または更新ムービーメニューから空港天気を選択することができます。









LG G腕時計、moto360とLG G腕時計Rにテスト済み