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Watchface Builder Android Wear

Watchface Builder Android Wear

Wearable Software

Reviews: 136 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Why spend money on watchfaces? Easily build your own watchface with Watchface Builder For Android Wear or download and edit some watchfaches from the online repository. You do not need any programming skills for creating your own watchfaces. Watchface Builder is the most powerful and complete design tool available to create watchfaces for Android Wear. It allows you to fully customize your own watch face, using text, images, shapes, expressions and much more! Create your own style! Generate new watchfaces from our repository templates.

Visit our wiki page at to get more information about building your own watchface.

Features :

• Simple and expert edit mode

• Templates for analog, digital or photo watchface

• Display weather, calendar, time, battery & sensor data from your device

• Add text, images, shapes and markers to your watchface

• Get more than 20 fonts and upload custom fonts

• Import / Export for watchfaces

• Expression language to create dynamic watchfaces

• Preview and support for square and round devices

• Free watch faces for download

• New watchfaces added continously

• Very low battery usage

• Smooth second hand

• Selection of analog and digital clocks

Premium upgrade:

• Store more than one watchface on your device

• Easy access to the watchface repository

You have to own an Android Wear device to use this app

Currently compatible devices:

► HUAWEI Watch

► Moto 360 Gen 2 (2015)

► Moto 360 Gen 1 (2014)

► Asus Zenwatch

► LG G Watch

► LG G Watch R

► LG G Watch Urbane (Android Wear version)

► Samsung Gear Live

► Sony SmartWatch 3

Please note:

-Make sure your mobile is compatible with Android Wear.

-Make sure to pair your phone with the wearable device with help of the Android Wear app.

-Choose Watchface Builder as your watchface on watch.

-Send your custom watchface with the app on mobile device to your watch

Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Any ideas? Any issues with the app? Please let us know.

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为什么要花钱watchfaces?轻松构建自己的表盘与表盘建造者为Android Wear或下载,并从在线存储库中编辑一些watchfaches。你不需要创建自己的watchfaces任何编程技能。表盘生成器可用于创建Android Wear watchfaces最强大和最完整的设计工具。它可以让你完全定制自己的手表表面,用文字,图像,形状,表情和更多!创建你自己的风格!生成从我们的资料库模板创建新watchfaces。


特征 :










•新加watchfaces continously







您必须拥有一个Android Wear设备使用这个应用程序





►系统的Asus ZenWatch

►LG G手表

►LG G Watch R已

►LG G手表文雅(Android Wear版)

►的Samsung Gear Live

►索尼的SmartWatch 3


- 确保您的手机与Android Wear兼容。

- 确保与Android Wear应用的帮助,可穿戴设备配对您的手机。

- 选择表盘Builder作为值班的表盘。

- 发送您的自定义表盘与移动设备的应用程序到您的手表


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