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Volusion, Inc

Reviews: 164 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

At Volusion, we know how important it is for you, as a successful business owner, to have constant access to your store. Volusion for Android makes it easy, intuitive and enjoyable to check in on the performance of your Volusion store from your device.

Volusion merchants are over 3 times more successful than merchants on any other platform, and we’re excited to add another critical piece to contribute to your overall success.

Volusion for Android provides the ability to:

· Gain real-time insight into revenue and order activity

· Track and measure historical store performance

· Receive alerts for low product stock

· Easily review top selling products

· View your shoppers’ top search terms

· Review key product details such as categories, options and quantity

· Quickly filter orders by status and view complete details for every order

-- This includes shipping, payment and tracking information as well!

In addition to these store management features, this release also allows you to:

· Stay signed in without re-entering credentials

· Save credentials to quickly sign into multiple Volusion stores

· Easily provide direct in-app feedback and feature requests to help structure future releases

You’ll need an active Volusion store account to use this app. If you don’t have a Volusion store yet, you can quickly sign up for a free trial and see how you’ll be able to enjoy 3X the success of your competitors on lesser platforms – []

Volusionでは、我々はあなたの店に常時アクセスを持つように、成功したビジネス所有者として、それはあなたのためにいかに重要であるか知っている。 Android用Volusion、それは、簡単に直感的で楽しいお使いのデバイスからあなたのVolusionストアのパフォーマンスにチェックインすることができます。












   - これは、出荷、支払いと同様に追跡情報を含まれています!








あなたは、このアプリを使用するためにアクティブVolusionストアアカウントが必要です。あなたはまだVolusionストアをお持ちでない場合は、すぐに無料トライアルにサインアップして、より少ないプラットフォームで3Xあなたの競合他社の成功を楽しむことができるでしょうかを見ることができます - [ /フリートライアル/]