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Vingle. Very Community.

Vingle. Very Community.

Vingle Inc.

Reviews: 62695 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Vingle. Very Community.

Vingle is the community where you can meet someone like you.

The proud health nuts. The scuba divers. The people who stay up all night to finish the next chapter .The self-proclaimed master chefs. You can find them all on Vingle. In this world, there are countless things to love and enjoy. Come meet the people who, among all those things, love the things that you love.

"Cave Diving Venues," is being updated in the Vingle scuba diving community. If you are a scuba diver, you know that researching before diving is essential for preparation. Come to Vingle to pre-explore some amazing diving venues. "Photoshop Tutorials: Beginners" is a Vingler collection that will help you learn to use photoshop in a way that elevates each captured moment to magazine quality. Have a passion you want to discuss? "Why do you like Korean stars?" is a Vingler's collection to chat with others about why they love Korean idols. Vingle is for you to meet people like you, so you can chat about these things all day long. With over 3000 communities, you are bound to find what makes you passionate.

On Vingle, you can be who you want and receive only the content that you want. On Twitter, your feed is cluttered with tweets irrelevant to you; on Facebook, you have to maintain your image because your co-workers and parents are your "friends"… Don't bother comparing them with Vingle. Because Vingle is different. There’s no need to worry about your image on Vingle, just Vingle. Interesting, high-quality posts will make time fly. Interacting with other passionate experts will make you an expert too. Upload what you want, from images to videos; share them with people who will naturally just “get it.”

"I would love a digital guidebook packed with all the info I need for my next trip”…"I'd like to make a list of books recommended by others who share my tastes"… "I'd love to gather some detailed tips from experts on how to get healthy the right way"… Just "Clip" to create a "Collection." Arrange all the music you love for a specific mood; collect fishing tips from those who have fished their entire lives. Vingle's clipping feature allows you to keep the content you want organized so that you can revisit whenever you want, while making sure the praise and appreciation is always received by those deserve it, the authors. It's almost too simple and fun.

You don't need to conceal your passions on Vingle. Flaunt your hidden expertise. People who share your interests are waiting for you. So when you want to start Vingle, only one question remains:

"What are you into?"




“洞穴潜水场地,”被在Vingle潜水社区更新。如果你是一个水肺潜水员,你知道,潜水前研究是必不可少的准备工作。来Vingle预先探索一些惊人的潜水场所。 “的Photoshop教程:初学者”是一个Vingler集合,这将有助于您学习如何用photoshop在每个捕获的时刻,提升到杂志的质量的方法。你有没有想讨论的热情? “你为什么喜欢韩国明星?”是Vingler的集合与他人聊天,为什么他们喜欢韩国偶像。 Vingle是你认识的人喜欢你,这样你就可以聊这些东西整天。拥有超过3000的社区,你一定会找到什么让你充满激情。