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Vagaro Inc

Reviews: 1620 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

This app will allow you to find Salons and Spas in your local area. Read reviews and book an appointments from your phone or tablet with respective businesses. Get email and text reminders for your appointments. Collect and redeem points towards services, read reviews and search for local deals.

Imagine being able to search and book a Massage in San Francisco on Friday at 7pm. Vagaro Spa Booker and Salon Booker will do the search for you, find the best match, show you the prices and reviews of the listed businesses and allow you to book the appointment without making one phone call. You will than get email text, or push notification reminders of your appointments and much more.

Salon Booking and Spa Booking is now easy with this Salon finder and Spa finder. Book with Hair Salons, Makeup Artists, Nail artists, Day Spas, Massages, Tanning Salons, Skin Care, Hair removal, Botox, Electrolysis and Photographers

You can also do your Salon Search and Spa Search online using our website at

Tools for your mind and body from Vagaro!


想象一下,能够在晚上7点搜索和预订在旧金山一个按摩上周五。 Vagaro温泉布克和沙龙布克将做搜索你,找到最佳匹配,告诉你价格和评论的上市企业,并允许您预订的任命未做一个电话。你会比得到的电子邮件文本,或者把你的约会和更多的通知提醒。