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Trainline EU (Captain Train)

Trainline EU (Captain Train)

Capitaine Train SAS

Reviews: 6288 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Trainline, previously Captain Train, is the quickest and easiest solution for booking train tickets online in Europe. Since 2011, more than 1.8 million users trust us to book their tickets in France (SNCF, iDTGV, OUIGO, OUIBUS), Germany (Deutsche Bahn, HKX), Italy (Trenitalia, Italo, Thello), Spain (Renfe), the U.K. (Eurostar), Switzerland (Lyria), and Belgium and the Netherlands (Thalys).

Trainline: the new name for Captain Train

Back in March 2016, we said hello to Captain Train—our French equivalent—and teamed up with them to build the best online train ticket platform in Europe. Captain Train is now part of the Trainline Group and our team and our mission remain the same: we’re here to make train travel easier and smarter for people in the UK, France and the whole of Europe.

What the media says about us

“It’s already built up a fanbase by being more user-friendly” — The Guardian

“This looks good. The whole site is clean, fast and zippy. If only all travel booking was like this!”— Business Insider

“In most cases, I now recommend using” — Mark from

Buy train tickets at the best price

• Pay no booking fees or hidden costs. We have the lowest prices.

• Select your preferred seats for the train.

• Find and book tickets for all trains in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and nearby countries: TGV, ICE, Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria, Renfe, etc.

• Find the best prices amongst the most comprehensive offers: Prem’s, Loisir, iDTGV, etc.

• Take advantage of your discount and loyalty cards: Eurostar Frequent Traveller, Thalys TheCard, etc.

• Pay whenever you want, thanks to our pre-booking feature.

• Pay however you want: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or PayPal.

• Exchange or cancel your tickets within the app.

Book your trip in seconds

• Register your loyalty and discount cards along with your personal information.

• Save time by creating a passenger profile for any fellow travellers.

• Select your favourite destinations instantly.

• Review your upcoming or previous journeys.

• Receive your e-tickets in PDF format or store them on your loyalty card.

• Add your journeys to your calendar and Passbook in only one click.

Too good to be true?

Like many users you may ask yourself how we make money.

It is quite simple. Like any other official travel agent (certified by the SNCF or the Deutsche Bahn) we earn a commission for each ticket sold. There is no additional fee for our clients because our prices are aligned with the rail operator’s fares.

App permissions

If you’re curious to know what permissions we ask for upon installation, you can find a detailed explanation here:

You’ve read this far?

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列車指令線、以前キャプテン列車は、ヨーロッパでのオンライン列車の切符を予約するための最速かつ最も簡単なソリューションです。 2011年以来、以上の180万人のユーザーは、フランス(SNCF、IDTGV、OUIGO、OUIBUS)、ドイツ(ドイツ鉄道、HKX)、イタリア(トレニタリア、イタロ、Thello)、スペイン(レンフェ)、英国で自分のチケットを予約するために、私たちを信頼し(ユーロスター)、スイス(Lyria)、およびベルギーとオランダ(タリス)。




「それはすでに、よりユーザーフレンドリーであることによってファン層を築いています」 - ガーディアン

「これはよさそうです。サイト全体は、清潔、迅速かつ機敏です。 !すべての旅行予約はこのようなものだった」場合にのみ - ビジネスインサイダー

Seat61.comからマーク - 「ほとんどの場合、私は今www.trainline.euを使用することをお勧めします」



















それは非常に簡単です。 (SNCFまたはドイツ鉄道によって認定)、他の公式旅行代理店のように、私たちは販売し、各チケットのコミッションを獲得します。私達の価格は、鉄道事業者の運賃と整列しているので、お客様には追加料金はありません。