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Tap Wear

Tap Wear


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Exhilarating reaction game designed for Android Wear device. The game can also be played without a wear device. Tap the balls as quickly as you can. Estimate timelapse and tap the ball just in time.

Play all three game modes available in this release:

1) Tap only red balls and do it as quickly as you can. Tapping a wrong color ball ends the game.

2) Tap all the balls in right order. The quicker you tap the balls the more points you will get.

3) Tap a green ball to start counting time and tap red ball to stop counting when exactly right time has elapsed.

Enjoy your Wear watch and show off to your friends and colleagues!

令人振奋的反应游戏专为Android Wear设备。本场比赛也可以不耐磨设备上播放。点击球尽可能快,你可以​​。估计慢速拍摄,挖掘正好赶上皮球。