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Stock Exchange Finance

Stock Exchange Finance


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The whole Stock market worlwide at any time.You can track your favorite stocks and index.

from around the world ! News of the Stock market also allow you to track the stock market in the same application.

Up to 40 stocks-modification of the indice: for example ,Dow Jones, Nasdaq, FTSE , CAC 40, DAX , ....

More details in the demo video.

The application was developed byEquasoft engineers to make scholarship accessible to everyone and at all times .The sliding menu provides access to all sections of the application :

- Indices / Currencies , dow futures, chart, industrial average

- My actions and stock listNews, Awards , Widget Settings,

- The application allows you to track 30 indexes and currencies of the world (Gold , Oil , EUR / USD) and the details (graphic) of all actions in the world.

With this app, you can choose stocks to buy now, stocks to invest, to buy dividends or stocks to watch

You can set your Widget to your liking.

- display the favourite indexes that you want (Dow Jones, FTSE , DAX , .... )

- Up to 40 favorite / Actions displayed

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截至40股修饰的指数的关系:例如,道琼斯,纳斯达克,富时,法国CAC 40,DAX,...



- 指数/货币,道指期货,图表工业平均指数

- 我的行为和股票ListNews作为,奖,窗口小部件设置,

- 该应用程序允许你跟踪30指数和货币的世界(黄金,石油,欧元/美元),并在世界上所有动作的细节(图)。



- 显示您想要的最爱指数(道琼斯,富时,DAX,....)

- 高达40最喜欢/显示操作

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