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Space Watch Faces

Space Watch Faces

KJSK Developers

Reviews: 5 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

A unique and intelligent Smart Watch application that features a beautiful collection of watch faces with best in class user interface for customization.

The carefully crafted design of the app syncs up your mobile and your smart watch seamlessly and provides rich user experience making it simple and easy to use.

The unique features of the app are:

- Watch Face changes automatically every hour.

- Completely customizable to choose any Watch Face as permanent for every day

- Analog and Digital dials available

- Dynamically change the dial color based on the Image background. “Truly Fantastic “!!

So, what are you waiting for? Download this unique app and enjoy a special and amazing experience




- ウォッチフェイスは、1時間ごとに自動的に変更されます。

- 完全にカスタマイズ毎日のための恒久的な、任意のウォッチフェイスを選択します

- 利用可能なアナログおよびデジタルダイヤル

- 動的に画像の背景をもとに、ダイヤルの色を変更します。 「本当に素晴らしいです」!!