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Solar System for Android Wear

Solar System for Android Wear

Andres Ornelas

Reviews: 12 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

I'm writing this app since my 2-year-old daughter is an amateur astronomer and I figured Android Wear was a great way to let her explore the Solar System without the many distractions phone or tablet apps usually have.

See a quick demo:


- Beautiful real photographs of our Sun, the planets and moons displayed individually in full screen.

- Easy to use: simply swipe back and forth to see the different planets and up and down to see their corresponding moons.

- Indicator at side of screen shows how many moons the current planet has.

- To exit the app, long press on the screen. You can also cover the watch with your palm or press the side button.

I plan to expand the content and features often, with the following coming soon:

- Tap to reveal info card with quick facts such as: distance from Sun, gravity, and fun fact (e.g., "the hottest planet in the solar system").

For updated information about what's being worked on see my Issues page:

This app is open source! Here's the code:

Credit of images goes to NASA/JPL.

Credit of app icon: "solar system by misirlou from the Noun Project"

我在写这个程序,因为我2岁的女儿是业余天文学家和我想通Android Wear是让她探索太阳系没有许多干扰手机或平板电脑的应用程序通常有一个很好的方式。



- 我们的太阳的美丽实物拍照,行星和卫星在全屏幕单独显示。

- 易于使用:只需刷卡来回看不同的行星及上下看到自己相应的卫星。

- 指示器在屏幕一侧显示当前地球多少月亮了。

- 要退出应用程序,长按屏幕上。您也可以覆盖你的手掌手表或按侧面的按钮。


- 点击透露信息卡快的事实,如:来自Sun的距离,重力和有趣的事实(例如,“在太阳系中最热的行星”)。



图像幸得NASA / JPL。