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Radioplayer - Free UK Radio

Radioplayer - Free UK Radio

UK Radioplayer Ltd

Reviews: 9765 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

The official UK Radio app for phones and tablets, designed in partnership with the BBC, and now integrated with Chromecast, Android Wear, Android Auto - and the DAB radio tuner in the new LG Stylus 2 phone. This allows for free-to-air DAB listening through the app, saving data costs and improving battery life.

Recent updates have also included an Alarm Clock, Car Mode, Sleep Timer, and slick new layouts for small and large screens.

Scroll through radio recommended just for you, see what's local or trending, save your favourite stations and shows, and play them with one tap. If you have an Android Wear watch, you can browse your Favourites and Recommended stations from the app, or just play the radio in the background. You can check what's playing, and skip through your stations, with a tap of your watch.

All BBC services, and hundreds more great British radio stations, on your phone or tablet. Tune in to live streams of radio, or browse our on-demand programmes and podcasts, including hundreds of shows from the BBC iPlayer. BBC stations now play reliably again following their streaming change, with all sport commentary available to UK listeners.

This radio app has everything from news and sport - to pop, rock, indie, dance, jazz, soul, and classical. It's perfect for football, Ashes cricket, tennis, and F1 at the weekend.

Follow us on Twitter to get updates and to hear when new stations are added - we're @UKRadioplayer. UK Radioplayer Ltd is a not-for-profit company, aimed at making radio listening easier. We're backed by the BBC (owners of stations like BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 4 Extra, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC 5 live Sports Extra, BBC Asian Network, and BBC Radio 6 Music).

Our partners also include Bauer Radio (who run Kiss, Kisstory, Magic, Kerrang, Planet Rock, Absolute Radio, Absolute Radio 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and Classic Rock), and Global Radio (owners of stations like Heart, Capital, Gold, LBC, Radio X, Chill, Choice, Classic FM, and Smooth).

Other stations in Radioplayer include talkSPORT, Jazz FM, Fun Kids, Ministry of Sound, Free radio, Gaydio, Radio Caroline, Radio Jackie, and TeamRock.

We also feature community and student stations – so there's something for everyone. Radio for Android Phone, Radio for Android Tablet. Discover your perfect radio.

What's New in recent versions

- Chromecast / Google Cast

- Alarm Clock and Sleep Timer

- Android Wear integration

- Android Auto integration

Note: This app is free to download but uses data which your carrier may charge for. Samsung Galaxy S3 users wishing to stop their phone vibrating during playback can do so by disabling 'auto haptic' from the device's Settings/Sound menu.

英国官方广播电台的应用程序的手机和平板电脑设计的合作与BBC,现在用的Chromecast,Android Wear,Android的自动集成 - 并在新的LG手写笔2手机DAB收音机调谐器。这允许自由对空气DAB收听通过应用程序,节省数据成本,提高了电池的使用寿命。


通过电台滚动为您推荐的,看看有什么地方或趋势,保存您喜爱的电台和节目,并与一个水龙头播放。如果你有一个Android Wear手表,你可以浏览你的最爱和建议站从应用程序,或者只是在后台播放收音机。您可以查看正在播放的内容,并通过你的站略,你的手表的抽头。

BBC的所有服务,以及数百个伟大的英国广播电台,您的手机或平板电脑上。收听到电台直播流,或浏览我们的点播节目和播客,其中包括数百节目从BBC的iPlayer。 BBC电台现在可以可靠地再次发挥跟随他们流变化,提供给英国听众一切体育评论。

这台收音机的应用程序拥有一切,从新闻和体育 - 流行,摇滚,独立,舞曲,爵士,灵魂和经典。这是完美的足球,板球骨灰,网球和F1周末。

按照我们在Twitter获取更新,并听取在新站加入 - 我们@UKRadioplayer。英国Radioplayer有限公司是一家不以营利为目的的公司,旨在使广播收听更容易。我们被像BBC电台1,BBC电台1Xtra,BBC电台2,BBC电台3,BBC广播4台,BBC广播电台BBC(业主支持4部外,BBC电台5直播,BBC 5直播体育额外,BBC亚洲网络和BBC广播6音乐)。



我们还提供社区和学生站 - 所以每个人的东西。收音机Android手机,收音机的Andr​​oid平板。发现你的完美电台。


- 的Chromecast /谷歌演员

- 闹钟和睡眠定时器

- Android Wear一体化

- Android的自动一体化

注意:这个应用程序是免费下载,但使用该运营商可能会充电数据。三星Galaxy S3的用户希望通过从设备的设置/声音菜单禁用“自动触觉”停止他们的手机在播放过程中的振动可以这样做。