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Radardroid Pro

Radardroid Pro

Ventero Tel.

Reviews: 6044 | Score: 4 | Price: €5.00

アンドロイドデバイスのGPS オービス警告アプリケーション。 Radardroid 任意の固定または移動速度カメラ アプリケーション データベースでアプローチするとき、視覚および可聴警告を与えます。 このアプリケーションは、これまで増加利用可能な機能のおかげで可能なスピード違反切符を削減します。 We do not condone speeding and will not be held responsible for anybody prosecuted for breaking the law.

Full background service. Use your favourite navigator or listen to your music on your phone and you will still receive visual and/or audible alerts as you approach any speed camera. Just start the alert service and you are ready. (Only Radardroid Pro version)

ください、私たちのアプリを知るためには、無料の Radardroid Lite のアプリケーションを確認します。

Autostart and Parking Info powered by Anagog mobility and activity recognition.

XIAOMI, ZTE and MIUI users:


Before you can use this app, you'll probably need to change some security settings.

Go to System Settings > All > Apps > Downloaded > Radardroid

Toggle the switch that says 'Show popup windows' (second option).

At the bottom, go to 'Manage permissions'.

Set 'I trust this app' to on.

It might also be necessary to reset the app data/settings.

Huawei users:


Open the app 'phone manager', click settings in the top right corner. Select "dropzone management" and give the app permission.

If this doesn't work, try the instructions for XIAOMI/ZTE/MIUI users.



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