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QuoteFace v2

QuoteFace v2

Pascal Peeters

Reviews: 10 | Score: 5 | Price: Free

QuoteFace for Android Wear

Stay informed about your most important stocks. QuoteFace is your stock ticker for your smartwatch! Quotes are updated multiple times a minute. The outer ring provides you with an

instant view regarding your portfolio.

- Stay informed on the latest market news; with the integrated RSS Reader

- Additionally, this watch face also shows your watch & phone battery status

- Pre/Post market quotes shown for selected stock quotes

Please do email for any issues or feature requests!

Tested on LG Watch R, but should be compatible with all Android Wear devices.

After installation, select the Watch face “QuoteFace” in the Android Wear App or on your smartwatch. Open the corresponding QuoteFace application on your mobile to update selected stocks and portfolio details.

Please note : It may be required to restart your phone one time after installation for the application to be fully functional.

This watch face uses Google services and uses symbols as shown on

A few examples : NASDAQ:AAPL (Apple), NASDAQ:TSLA (Tesla), NYSE:GM (General Motors),


Contact me @

QuoteFace为Android Wear

随时了解你的最重要的股票。 QuoteFace是您的股票代码为您的智能手表!报价多次更新一分钟。外圈为您提供一个


- 保持通报了最新的市场信息;使用集成的RSS阅读器

- 此外,该手表的脸也显示出你的手表和手机电池状态

- 显示所选股票行情前/后市场行情


测试在LG观看R,但应与所有Android Wear设备兼容。

安装完毕后,选择Android Wear应用程序或在您的SmartWatch表盘“QuoteFace”。打开你的手机对应的QuoteFace应用程序更新精选个股和投资组合的详细信息。