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Programmers Watch Face

Programmers Watch Face

Robert Jonsson

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Programmers is a simple yet elegant watch face for us programming geeks who uses an Android Wear device. Rather than showing the numbers 1 to 12, the watch face displays the names of more or less well-known programming languages.


- Watch face for Android Wear Devices (G Watch R, Moto 360, SmartWatch 3, etc.)

- Support for both round and square screens

- Displays information about: time, date and remaining clock battery

- Burn-in protection for OLED screens (in ambient mode)

- Settings for background color and number of languages shown in ambient mode

How to use:

1. When you install the app, the watch face will be automatically transferred to your watch (sometime there's a delay getting the watch face on the watch from your phone, i recommend a bit of patience if its not instantaneous for you).

2. From watch: Long press your watch face and select the one named "Programmers".

From mobile: Run the “Android Wear” app and tap “More” button in the watchface section. Select the watch face named "Programmers".

3. Change settings.

From watch: Long press your watch face and tap on the settings icon below the watch face preview in the watch face picker.

From mobile: Run the "Android wear" app and tap on the watch face icon.

程序员是一个简单而优雅的表盘为我们编程爱好者谁使用了Android Wear设备。而不是表示1〜12的数字,手表表面显示的更多或更少的公知的编程语言的名称。


- 手表表面的Andr​​oid Wear设备(G观看R,摩托360的SmartWatch 3等)

- 支持圆形和方形屏幕

- 显示信息:时间,日期及剩余时钟电池

- 烙印保护OLED屏幕(在环境模式)

- 在室温状态下显示为背景色和语言设置数量




从手机:运行“Android Wear”的应用程序,然后点击在watchface节“更多”按钮。选择名为“程序员”表盘。