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Phantom Digital Watch Face FWF

Phantom Digital Watch Face FWF


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Phantom Watch Face for business. Stylish & Elegant. Watch face compatible with all Android Wear watches.

Phantom Watch face Features

- Watchface for Android Wear watches

- Battery level

- Ambient mode

- Support both round and square displays

- 24-hour time format

- Day of the week

- Day of the month

- Display seconds

How to use Phantom Watch face for Android Wear

1. Once you install the app, the Phantom watchface will be automatically transferred to your watch. (may take a few minutes)

2. From watch: Long press your watchface and select the one that you have installed.

From mobile: Run the "Android Wear" app and tap "More" button in the watchface section

3. Enjoy your new Phantom watchface!

幻影观察面部的业务。时尚与优雅。表盘与所有Android Wear手表兼容。


- 表盘为Android Wear手表

- 电池级

- 环境模式

- 支持圆形和方形显示器

- 24小时时间格式

- 一周中的天

- 本月日

- 显示秒

如何使用幻影观看脸Android Wear

1.当您安装应用程序,幻影表盘会自动传输到您的手表。 (可能需要几分钟)


从手机:运行“Android Wear”的应用程序,并在表盘区域点击“更多”按钮