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PKPASS 4 Android

PKPASS 4 Android


Reviews: 38 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Feel free to read any type of passbook on your Android Device. Collect all your passbooks into one place. Be notified if you are close to passbook ticket location or be reminded if is time for some passbook event.

Also we provided not only mobile, but watch app, so check it out on your Android Wear. You can go through all passbooks from your phone right on Wear and rapidly get QRcode. And even more, open from wear full passbook on phone.

In order to enhance the app and make in better, please, send us, your passbooks if some corrupts the app.


此外,我们提供的不仅是手机,但是要注意的应用程序,所以检查出来在你的Andr​​oid Wear。你可以通过从磨损手机右侧的所有银行存折,并迅速得到QRCODE。而更从全穿在存折打开手机。