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Muslim Watch 1

Muslim Watch 1


Reviews: 1 | Score: 5 | Price: Free

Muslim Watch is an Android Wear watch face compatible with the majority of Android wear watches in the market.

It supports square and round watches, all resolutions included.

Muslim Watch support the following functions:

- Kabaa Direction

- North Direction

- Today Prayer Times

- Today Imsak & Sunrise Time

- Next Day Imsak & Fajr Time

- Map Location

- Islamic Calendar Dates

- Gregorian Calendar Date

- Time in Analog and Digital formats.


- Be sure that your watch have a compass sensor.

- Enable location permission on your watch for this application.

- Enable location and Bluetooth on your phone.

- Calibrate your compass each time you feel that it is not showing the right north direction.

- The prayer times are computed based on general location. You could see some difference between the watch prayer times and the real location prayer times, as the method used to get prayer time is different. Please allow 5 to 15 minutes before making your prayer to be sure you are correct.

- If you disable your phone location, or your watch location, the Kaaba direction will disappear.

- If you have not compass hardware, the compass will disappear.