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MageMob Admin

MageMob Admin


Reviews: 8 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

MageMob Admin : A Mobile Assistant for Magento

You can now keep track of all your Magento e-store activities in terms of order details at your fingertip. Magento Admin is an Android application that helps you connect with your Magento store via your mobile.

Simply download this application on your mobile phone and rest will be taken care of by this application. It allows you to view the order, customer and product details of your online store anytime.

This is a simple to use and user-friendly application to get detailed view of your order list, details of products listed in order list and other product details. It offers a customized dashboard containing visual and textual description of total order.

Core Features

•     Simple integration and user-friendly UI

•     Supports multiple e-stores

•     Filters orders, products and sales of specific stores

•     Displays order status instantly i.e. successfully delivered, pending etc

•     Displays product list and details

•     Provides customer details, like order details along with shipping and billing addresses

•     Provides notification to the store merchant when new order is placed with every detail

•     Customizable dashboard that can generate store-wise graphical sales report of specific duration i.e. 7 days, 30 days or 90 days

Value to User:

This application provides the user with easy access of their magneto store anytime, anywhere! The merchant can view order details, product details and customer details with complete relevant stats. Now, your e-store shrunk within your mobile, for you to carry, anywhere anytime!

Note: For smooth function of this application also download Magneto Mobile Assistant Extension to your website.

Magento Extension Link:

MageMob管理:移动助理Magento的 点击看

现在,您可以在您的指尖保持跟踪你的所有的Magento的电子商店活动的秩序细节条款。 Magento管理是一个Android应用程序,它可以帮助您与您的Magento商店通过你的手机连接。




•    简单的集成和用户友好的UI

•    支持多种电子商店

•    过滤器订单,产品和销售的具体店面

•    显示器订购状态瞬间即成功交付,待等

•    显示产品列表和详细信息

•    提供客户的详细信息,如订单详细信息,以及航运和帐单地址

•    当新的订单与每一个细节提供通知到店商家

•    可定制的仪表板,可以产生特定的时间存储明智的图形化销售报告即7天,30天或90天