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Reviews: 1785 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

GetResponse Email Marketing Platform presents our Android App, which includes new capabilities and an interface that is more intuitive than ever. Manage your email marketing campaigns, collect leads, and keep up to date on your statistics while you’re on the go.


• Create and Send - create emails on the go or send drafts prepared previously on your laptop or desktop. It’s available anywhere you go, anytime you need it.

• Manage List - view new subscribers instantly and search your database in real-time. It’s the handiest way to manage your contact list.

• Track and Report - check your campaign performance and forward a report by email.

• Add Subscribers - add contacts by manual entry or import from smartphone address book.

• View Subscribers - check subscriber locations and activities.

• Web form list - view statistics for your web forms in a clear, easy-to-read list.

• Enhanced landing page module - get statistics, A/B testing, link-sharing to landing page creator, inbox preview — all in a simple, accessible display.

• Click-through ratio (CTR) for links in messages - check statistics on links clicked in your messages.

• GetResponse blog module - view GetResponse blog posts, now available directly from the dashboard.


Feel free to email us at if you have suggestions or ideas about the app.



GetResponse is a complete email marketing platform, with tools for building complete marketing programs from start to finish in one place. The platform includes innovative features such as responsive design, landing page creator, email analytics, autoresponders, and smart list import. Its user-friendly interface, best-in-class 99.5% deliverability, and 5-star customer service make it the top solution in the market. The platform is available in 19 languages and serves more than 350,000 customers from 193 countries, delivering 12 billion emails per year.



•创建和发送 - 创建以前在你的笔记本电脑或台式机准备的去或发送电子邮件草稿。它可你去任何地方,任何时候你需要它。

•管理列表 - 查看新用户立即和搜索数据库中的实时性。这是管理您的联系人列表中最方便的方式。

•跟踪和报告 - 检查你的运动性能,并通过电子邮件转发的报告。

•将用户添加 - 添加从智能手机的地址簿手工录入或导入联系人。

•查看订户 - 检查用户位置和活动。

•Web表单列表 - 为您的网站形式清晰,易于阅读列表视图的统计数据。

•增强的登陆页面模块 - 得到的统计数据,A / B测试,链路共享到登陆页面创建者,预览收件箱 - 都在一个简单,方便的显示。

•点击通过在邮件中的链接比(CTR) - 检查在点击邮件的链接的统计数据。

•GetResponse的博客模块 - 查看GetResponse的博客文章,现在可以直接从仪表板。