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Freelancer - Hire & Find J

Freelancer - Hire & Find J

Reviews: 19214 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

With the Freelancer Android app, freelancers can browse jobs and immediately bid for jobs straight from their Android device. Employers are given the convenience and mobility to post jobs wherever they are, whenever they need to get work done and find the right talent for their projects faster.


- Create profile: Add your photo, bio and skills to complete your professional profile

- Explore jobs: Browse through hundreds of jobs that match your skills

- Bid: Prepare your proposal and place your bid on the go

- Get work: Communicate with your clients and accept job offers wherever you are


- Post projects: Post your project straight from your mobile

- Find freelancers: Review bids and award jobs on the go

- Manage your projects: Communicate with your freelancers and stay up-to-date wherever you are


Help us make Freelancer better!

We are always working on new features and improvements to bring you a better experience.

If you have any feedback on the current version, or suggestions for future updates,

please email us at:

or join the conversation in our Beta community:




- 创建配置文件:添加您的照片,简历和技能来完成你的专业简介

- 探索工作:通过数百个职位符合您的技能浏览

- 出价:准备好你的建议,并把您的出价在旅途

- 找工作:沟通与您的客户,并接受聘书无论你在哪里


- 发布项目:从您的手机发表您的项目直

- 寻找自由职业者:审查投标和奖励工作在旅途

- 管理你的项目:沟通与你的自由职业者和熬夜最新无论你在哪里

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