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Exercise Timer

Exercise Timer


Reviews: 7167 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Exercise Timer is the ultimate fitness companion for any of your gym or home workouts. Whether you need to perform tabata, HIIT or any other style, this is your perfect interval timer.

Customize your workout to include:

+ Warm-up

+ Workout

+ Interval period

+ Rest period

You can add as many exercises/sessions as you wish to your workout unlike most gym timers. For example, to your workout you can add a 10 seconds Rest period, or even 10 seconds Rest + 5 seconds Interval to give you enough time to get ready for your next exercise. Designed mainly as a HIIT timer, this app gives you the flexibility to create the most complex HIIT workouts.

In circuit training you may wish to perform 30 Push Ups or 50 Jumping Jacks with a 10 seconds rest. With the new Reps feature you can take your time to perform your exercises and when you're done press next. Your workout can have a mixture of reps and timed exercises.

Want to lose weight and stay healthy? You need to follow a balanced diet and perform timed workouts regularly. This timer is a great way to plan and time your tabata workouts. If you want to do sport this interval timer is a must. Perfect for any training, abdominal exercises, cardio, weight loss, crossfit training, calisthenics, fartlek training, kettle bell training, jumping jacks timing, boot camp interval timer and thousand others.

If you have no time for long Tabata or HIIT training, a 7 minute workout is your answer. Using this sports timer a 7 minute workout can be easily performed. A gym isn’t a must.

Don’t feel like working out? Exercise Timer, can also be used as a study timer, work timer, rest timer and even for yoga practice or meditation.

The app comes with a sample HIIT and Tabata workout.

New Features in Version 4:

+ Voice Feedback

+ Reps Mode - Press Next when you finish exercise, to move on to next.

+ Drag and Drop exercise movement

+ Swipe to Delete Workout or exercise

+ Color Code your exercises

New Features in Version 5:

+ Reading of exercise names

+ Description field

+ Initial preparation time

+ Smartwatch connection

+ Touch screen to pause/start

+ Share workout

+ Recent workouts

+ Longer exercise titles supported

+ Workout icons

+ Light/Dark theme