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Drop is a new location-based social network, allowing you to discover, explore and interact with the world around you in a new way. You can leave messages, experiences, stories and impressions for your friends or the whole world at a specific location. Drop connects you to other people based on local places and lets you experience locations from different perspectives and times. Request your invitation today to be one of the first to join our community and experience the world around you in a new way!

Why Drop?


Socialize with people nearby:

See what is happening around you and share your own thoughts with people nearby in two clicks.


Perfect travel companion:

Discover useful tips left by other travelers to find exciting new places and leave your footsteps by sharing memories at special places you have visited.


Personal timeline:

Populate and revisit your personal timeline containing stories and impressions you experienced at your favorite places all over the world.


Location bookmarking:

Mark your favorite spots, attach notes and share them with friends.


Location-based reminders:

Leave location-based reminders for your friends or yourself. Drop will notify you when you are nearby.


Virtual geocaching:

Leave messages at secret locations to be discovered by other people.


And more:

treasure hunts, location-based notes, file sharing, guestbooks

... the possibilities are limitless. Let your imagination run wild!


• Share messages, pictures or files at your current location for everyone, your friends or only yourself.

• Bookmark, comment or share nearby drops.

• Integration of location-tagged content from Instagram, Twitter and Wikipedia.

• Clean and beautiful user interface inspired by Material Design (Lollipop-ready)

• Android Wear integration: See nearby drops on your Wear device and respond directly from your wrist.

•  See drops of all your friends, no matter where they are placed.

• And much more...

Additional Information

We feel it is necessary in the jungle of apps with unneeded permissions to explain each requested permission:


Approximate & precise location:

Drop heavily relies on your location.


Modify or delete the contents of your usb storage & test access to protected storage:

Used for caching to improve the performance.


Find accounts on the device:

Used for invitation and login.


Full network access / receive data from the internet / view network connections:

That’s where all the content comes from ;)


Run at startup & prevent phone from sleeping:

Used for notifications.

Ready for new adventures? Download and join the all-new Drop App today. Its free and easy to use.

Happy Dropping!

Feel free to contact us for questions, requests or bugs:

- Shoot us an email at

- Learn more on

- Join our Drop Beta community on Google+:

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The Android Wear art work used in the screenshots was created by Cyril Mottier (licensed under the CC BY 3.0).

First German translation was submitted by Drop community members Kevin Theil & Luca Hamhaber.




















• 在当前位置为大家,你的朋友或自己只股份的消息,图片或文件。

• 收藏,评论或分享附近滴。

• 从Instagram的,Twitter和维基百科的位置标记的内容集成。

• 清洁和灵感材料设计漂亮的用户界面(棒棒堂就绪)

•  Android Wear整合:查看附近的滴的磨损设备,并直接从你的手腕回应。

• 看到你所有的朋友,无论他们在哪里放置滴。

• 还有更多...
















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在截图中使用的Andr​​oid Wear艺术作品是由西里尔莫蒂耶创建(下CC许可BY 3.0)。