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Deadly Spikes - Android Wear

Deadly Spikes - Android Wear

Teensy Studios

Reviews: 693 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

In Deadly Spikes wear game, your objective is to simply bounce off of the walls as many times as you can just to ensure you will not die by mean of touching the spikes.


The gameplay is simple. Just keep tapping the screen to move the bird upwards, it comes downwards with gravity. You may also collect candy during the game to earn more points. Keep your bird alive as long as possible while avoiding spikes in order to achieve a high score.


That is not as simple as you think because the things are getting tougher since the spikes which you need to avoid will become more and more as well as the your safer space on the wall becomes smaller and with this set up everything will become more difficult.


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Teensy Studios - Bringing fun to your Android Wear watch! We are an indie game studio, with a tight, innovative and creative team of developers and designers. We are here to revolutionize the social gaming experience of game players by embedding features in our games that make them easy to play in bitesize chunks, but socially!


How to launch an app on wearable:

You can adopt any of these two methods given below to launch this game.


Method 1 : via Voice Command

You can give a voice command by using ‘OK Google’ or whatever the phrase you have set for ‘voice search’ and name the app. It will directly lead you to the app.


Method 2: via Start Menu

If you are unable to launch any app via ‘Voice Command’, You can follow the steps given below to launch the app.

- Tap on the screen of your wearable watch

- Go down the menu that appears and you will find ‘Start’ at the end of the menu.

- Tap on ‘Start’

- You will find the list of wearable apps that are installed on your watch.

- Launch the app from the list.


How to link your Android wearable with Phone:


If you have not link your smartphone with your wearable watch, then please follow the steps to link it. After integration, will be able to launch the installed apps.

- Turn on the bluetooth on smartphone.

- Install ‘Android Wear’ app on your smartphone.

- After installation, go to ‘pair a new wearable’ in ‘Android Wear’ app.

- Select the wearable device from the list.

- Your wearable watch is connected to your smartphone.





あなたのAndroid Wear Smartwatchで最も中毒性のゲームを楽しむために今すぐダウンロード。

ごく小さいスタジオ - あなたのAndroid Wearの時計に楽しみをもたらします!私たちは、開発者やデザイナーの、タイトな革新的で創造的なチームと、インディーゲームスタジオです。私たちは、社会的にbitesizeチャンクでプレーする彼らは簡単に私たちのゲームの機能を埋め込むことによって、ゲームのプレイヤーの社会的なゲーム体験を変革するためにここにいる、しかし!






あなたが「音声コマンド 'を介して任意のアプリを起動することができない場合は、アプリを起動するには、以下の手順に従うことができます。

- あなたのウェアラブル時計の画面上をタップ

- 表示されるメニューを下に移動し、メニューの最後で「スタート」を検索します。

- 「スタート」をタップ

- あなたはあなたの時計にインストールされているウェアラブルアプリの一覧があります。

- リストからアプリを起動します。



- スマートフォンのBluetoothをオンにします。

- スマートフォンの「Android Wear」アプリをインストールしてください。

- インストール後、「ペア新しいウェアラブル '' Android Wear」アプリでを参照してください。

- リストからウェアラブルデバイスを選択します。

- あなたのウェアラブル時計は、あなたのスマートフォンに接続されています。