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Compass For Android Wear

Compass For Android Wear

Wearable Software

Reviews: 458 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Compass for Android Wear is

essential app for your wearable device

. It is a professional compass on your wrist, when you need it, where you need it and you never know when I might come handy. Most people know how to use a compass to determine where north is. Few know how to use it as a navigation tool. The ability to navigate with a compass and a map is one of the major skills in hiking. This compass is not just a simple north direction indicator but is intended to be used as a real orientation tool for hiking activities. To start the app. Just say: OK Google...Start compass.

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- Simple to use, use it like a real compass

- Magnetic strength calculation

- Material design

- No ads

- Free

You have to own an Android Wear device to use this app

Currently compatible devices:

► Asus Zenwatch

► LG G Watch

► LG G Watch R

► LG G Watch Urbane (Android Wear version)

► Samsung Gear Live

► Sony SmartWatch 3

Please note:

-Make sure your mobile is compatible with Android Wear.

-Make sure to pair your phone with the wearable device with help of the Android Wear app.

-To open: Go to "Start..." and open the app "Compass" or say "Start compass"

Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Any ideas? Any issues with the app? Please let us know.

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더 많은 애플 리케이션, 게임 및 "Android Wear 센터"와 뉴스를 받아 :


- 간단한 사용 실제 나침반처럼 사용하기

- 자기 강도 계산

- 재질 디자인

- 어떤 광고가 없습니다

- 비어 있는

이 응용 프로그램을 사용하는 Android Wear 장치를 소유 할 필요

현재 호환 장치 :

► 아수스 Zenwatch

► LG G 시계

► LG G 시계 R

► LG G 시계 풍의 (Android Wear 버전)

► 삼성 기어 라이브

► 소니 스마트 워치 3

주의 사항 :

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열 -to : "... 시작"로 가서 "나침반"응용 프로그램을 열거 나 "나침반을 시작합니다"라고

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