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CaroO Pro (Dashcam & OBD)

CaroO Pro (Dashcam & OBD)


Reviews: 1541 | Score: 4 | Price: €7.00

Market leading dashcam and eco-driving assistant with OBD!

Experience the stable background operation as well as no gaps between recorded files on Android 4.1 or higher devices!

- Video dashcam supporting resolution and quality control up to full HD (1920x1080),

- Camera exposure and focus control (depending on capabilities of phones),

- Auto file deletion for normal/emergency video,

- Emergency report via SMS, call and YouTube upload,

- Car monitoring with connection of ELM327 compatible OBD dongles,

- RPM, Speed, Battery voltage, coolant temperature, Baro pressure, and many more data (depending on cars),

- Fuel-cut, eco-drive level, harsh acceleration/brake, idling indicator,

- Auto launch and termination options,

- Co-working with Android Wear devices for notification and control

We recommend smartphones with Android 4.0 or higher, but most smartphones with Android 2.2 or higher are supported too. Android 2.2 or lower devices will not be officially supported from CaroO v2.3.0. Before your purchase, please use the free version, CaroO Free Driving Recorder, in advance.

If you have any problems or difficulties to use this app, please use the log button on the main screen and send log files to us.


体验稳定的后台操作以及录制的文件之间没有间隙在Android 4.1或更高版本的设备!

- 视频dashcam支持的分辨率和质量控制到全高清(1920×1080),

- 相机曝光和对焦控制(取决于手机的功能),

- 自动文件删除正常/紧急视频,

- 通过短信,电话和YouTube上传的紧急报告,

- 与兼容ELM327 OBD加密狗连接车载监控,

- 转速,速度,电池电压,冷却液温度,气压压力,还有更多的数据(取决于汽车)

- 燃油切断,生态驱动电平,恶劣的加速/制动,怠速指标,

- 自动启动和终止选项,

- 与通知和控制Android Wear设备共同工作

我们建议采用Android 4.0或更高版本的智能手机,但与Android 2.2或更高版本太支持大多数智能手机。 Android 2.2或更低的设备将不会被正式从CaroO V2.3.0支持。您购买前,请使用免费版本,CaroO免费行驶记录仪,在前进。