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Business Card App

Business Card App

Mohan Noone

Reviews: 212 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Forgotten your business card - or thinking of going paperless? With this app installed, you will have a business card, ready to share anytime, right on your phone!

• It works 100% offline

• Has a big, bright QR code that may be scanned using any QR scanner.

• Can also be shared using all the options available on the phone: including Messaging, Bluetooth & NFC/Android Beam.

• Syncs with your phone 'ME' contact card for even better sharing (optional).

• Multi-card feature: Add multiple independent cards, and swipe to switch between them (Note: an in-app purchase is required to enable this)

⌚ Also works with Android Wear: Show the QR code from the app on your wearable & share your contact details

In short, if you are ever likely to forget your business card - or would just like to go paperless - this app is for you!

忘了你的名片 - 或无纸化办公在想什么?安装了这个程序,你将有一个名片,准备随时分享,对您的手机上!



包括通讯,蓝牙和NFC / Android Beam功能:•您也可以使用所有的手机上可用的选项共享。



⌚还与Android Wear工作原理:显示从应用程序的QR码在你的耐磨和分享您的联系方式

总之,如果你是永远不会忘记您的名片 - 或者只是想进入无纸化 - 这个程序是为你!