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Burj Builder - Tallest Tower

Burj Builder - Tallest Tower

Teensy Studios

Reviews: 174 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Who knew that building a high rise Burj could be so easy? You need to craft a high rise tower with speed by placing tiles on one another. The goal is to build the highest and most stable Burj possible. You need to touch clouds, birds and sky by increasing height of your Burj.

Big blocks move from one side to other and you have to decide when to place them on the best spot with a tap on you watch. If it fails to land perfectly on the block beneath, you will drop a slice of the block – so the next block will not be as big as previous one. You will get a tiny tile to land the block making it difficult to construct a high tower.

You have to best balance the tiles to set new record among your friends.

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大块从一个侧面其他运动,你必须决定何时把他们放在最佳位置以点击你看。如果它不能在该区块土地完美的下面,你将下降块片 - 所以下一单节不会那样大的前一个。你会得到一个小小的瓷砖土地块使其难以构建一个高台。