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Arcus Weather

Arcus Weather

Labrys Software

Reviews: 5176 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Arcus hyper-local weather forecasts gives you the most precise up to the minute weather forecast available.

"Heavy rain starting in 4 minutes, for the next 35 minutes".

Arcus uses the API to get the most accurate, and most current weather information.

" is backed by a wide range of data sources, which are aggregated together statistically to provide the most accurate forecast possible for a given location."

Features include:

- Homescreen widget with customizable data points

- Fully usable without location services

- Notification Bar Weather

- Severe weather alerts

- Vibrate for precipitation

- Radar Map (US ONLY)

Pro Features available via In-App Purchases:

- No Ads

- Up to 10 Custom Locations (free version - 2)

- Widget Interval Options (free version ~ 4 hours)

- Touch to refresh from widget



Due to way too many negative reviews in regards to the following, I have to show this unsightly section.

Please note that Arcus DOES NOT do the following:

- Radar outside the US. Once I find a provider that doesn't charge an arm and 3 legs, I will definitely implement this.

- Animated Radar. This is coming soon. Full disclosure, it will be available via in-app purchase, because things cost money unfortunately.

- Down to the minute forecasts outside of the US and UK.

If you install this app in hopes of the aforementioned features, I'm not sure what to say.

Don't be the person who gets mad that Thor was not in the last Captain America movie, because you know, nobody said he would be there.

***Back to things that matter about Arcus***


- This is not an official port from the Dark Sky company. Please visit for the official web version. There's even an android version now.

- Based on the concept and implementation of the service, this app works best with GPS enabled, or latitude/longitude for a particular location.

- Please note that 'up to the minute' weather conditions are only available in certain countries.

Questions, comments and suggestions? follow @arcusweather



弓使用 API来获取最准确,最当前的天气信息。



- 主屏幕小部件定制的数据点

- 无位置服务完全可用

- 通知栏天气

- 严重天气警报

- 震动降水

- 雷达地图(仅限美国)


  - 没有广告

  - 多达10个自定义位置(免费版 - 2)

  - 小部件间隔选项(免费版〜4小时)

  - 触摸从部件刷新

************************************************** *********************

*** ***免责声明



- 在美国以外的雷达。有一次,我发现一个供应商,不收取胳膊和腿3,我一定会实现这一点。

- 动画雷达。这是即将到来。充分披露,将通过应用程序内购买可用,因为东西花钱很遗憾。

- 下到美国和英国之外分钟预测。



***返回的东西说事有关的Arcus ***


- 这是不是从黑暗的天空公司的官方端口。请访问http://forecast.io作的官方网页版。现在甚至还有一个Android版本。

- 基于服务的理念和实施,这个程序在最佳状态下启用GPS,或为特定位置的纬度/经度。

- 请注意,“最新的'天气状况仅在某些国家提供。