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AnkiWear for AnkiDroid

AnkiWear for AnkiDroid


Reviews: 20 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

This app extends the AnkiDroid App, allowing you to learn flashcards on any Android Wear smartwatch while you are on the go. It supports deck selectiion, flashcards wiht images and sounds, day and night mode and more.

in case of problems or ideas please send me an E-Mail or write on the GitHub project page and I will take care of it asap :)

After installing AnkiWear (and AnkiDroid if you have not already done so) you will find a new App on your phone and (after a short time) on your watch. In the app on your phone you will find some settings to customize your learning experience. The app on your watch will let you study your cards and switch between different decks.