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AIB Mobile

AIB Mobile

Allied Irish Banks, Public Limited Company

Reviews: 6068 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Features of the AIB Mobile Banking App include:

- Quick Balance; view your balance without the need to log in

- Need to log in to another account? One-time log in lets you do that*

- Share your account details quickly and easily

- View and export up to 7 years of statements

- Travel Note; let AIB know when your card will be used abroad

- Got a SmartWatch? Sync the App with your watch to check your Quick Balance on your wrist

- Serve Notice on your Online Deposit 7 and 21 accounts

- Looking for a specific transaction? Search the past 24 months in Historical transactions.

- Apply for Personal Loans while on the go

- View & cancel your Direct Debits and Standing Orders

- Get a quick overview of your spending categories in the bubbles of the “My Spending” page

*Reminder: if sharing your phone with a friend for ‘One time log in’ remember that they can see your Quick Balance if that feature is turned on.

To use the App you must be registered for AIB Phone and Internet Banking.

To enjoy all of the features listed you will need to accept the following permissions:

- Identity/Contacts – to retrieve the device name to help distinguish phones when unregistering the App on AIB Internet/Tablet Banking

- Phone - directly call number in the App

- Device ID & call information - read phone status and identity

- Calendar - to enable you to add reminders to your calendar when serving notice on Online Notice Deposit savings accounts

For more information visit our website

For information on our Loan products visit

The AIB Mobile Banking App is available 20 hours a day subject to our terms and conditions. Transaction fees and charges and transaction limits may apply

Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


- 快速平衡;查看余额,而无需登录

- 需要登录到另一个帐户?一次性日志可以让你做到这一点*

- 快速,轻松地分享您的账户信息

- 查看并导出长达7年的语句

- 旅游注意事项;让AIB知道当你的卡在国外使用

- 有一个的SmartWatch?同步的应用程序与您的手表,以检查在手腕上的快速平衡

- 你的线上存款7和21个账户送达通知,

- 寻找一个具体的交易?搜索过去24个月的历史交易。

- 申请个人贷款,而在旅途

- 查看 - 取消直接借记和议事规则

- 让你的消费类别的快速概览在“我的消费”页面的气泡




- 身份/联系人 - 检索设备名称以帮助AIB互联网/平板银行注销应用程序时,手机区分开

- 电话 - 直接调用的应用程序数量

- 设备ID和通话信息 - 读取手机状态和身份

- 日历 - 使你可以在网上通知存款储蓄账户送达通知书时提醒添加到您的日历