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eNotify Lite Alerts

eNotify Lite Alerts

Varietas Software, LLC

Reviews: 224 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

eNotify email alerts is the most powerful solution for Email notifications & SMS notifications on your Android devices and smartwatches.

Highly configurable, eNotify email alerts supports rules with custom email alert & SMS alert sounds for different accounts, senders, subjects, recipient addresses, phone numbers & more. Easily silence day-to-day background noise and stay aware of priority email notifications and SMS notifications.

eNotify email alerts does it's work *entirely* on your device working in the background. Your email is safe and your data never leaves your device. Your email information is never sent elsewhere. Period.

Sample Use Cases:

 • Override phone's silent profile with 'Godzilla Roar' whenever my wife emails

 • Only deliver an email notification or SMS notification between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday

 • When yahoo finance emails my stock quote read it aloud with a text to speech email alert

Functionality Supported:



Popup, Status Bar & Smartwatch notifications


Alert sounds:

Set different alert sounds for accounts, senders, subjects, recipients, and more [150+ sounds, OR add your own]


Push Mail:

Instant email notifications for IMAP accounts


Text to Speech:

Read email notifications aloud


Vibration Patterns:

Choose or create your own


Do Not Disturb:

Stop email notifications or SMS notifications during specified interval


Override Silent:

Configure some email alerts or SMS alerts to override the device silent profile



Configure some email alerts or SMS alerts to repeat at specified interval


Spam Filter:

Ability to move SPAM emails into designated SPAM folder


Smartwatch Extensions

eNotify offers extensions for Android Wear, Toq, Pebble, SW2.

Supported Smartwatches:


Android Wear:

eNotify email alerts offers Android Wear mail notifications including voice reply


Custom Extensions:

Toq, Pebble, Sony & SW2 , LiveView, MetaWatch


Full Android Watches:

Optimized for Omate Truesmart & Galaxy Gear


Other Watches:

Use eNotify email alerts with Augmented Smartwatch or other notification forwarder

Notification Command

Status Bar, Popup & Some Smartwatches



Opens the email app associated with the account


Quick Reply:

Reply quickly without opening email or SMS app


Delete Message

Delete the email from the server


Mark as Read:

Mark the email as read on the server


And More...

Email Support Info:



IMAP (IMAP4), IMAP IDLE (Push Email): GMail, Yahoo, Exchange, and more



POP (POP3) accounts: Hotmail, and more



EWS (Exchange Web Services): Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 or IMAP / POP



None: No requirement to use K9 or GMail


Please join our beta group:!forum/enotify-android




Good to Know:

 • Upgrade to full version: No Ads

 • Supports all major email: Exchange, GMail, Yahoo, AOL, AIM, Hotmail,, Office365 or any POP, IMAP or EWS account

 • Please note: No Exchange Active Sync.

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LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch

Smart Connect extension for Notification API