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Whoscall Wear - Android wear

Whoscall Wear - Android wear


Reviews: 1580 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Who Wear now supports more smartwatch than ever!

- Android Wear devices

- webOS devices like LG watch Urbane LTE

Know who is calling you before you even answer it!

Whoscall can even identify if the call is a telephone marketing or unwanted call!

The best app for identifying calls now on your smart watch!

▷ Amazing features ◁

1. Identify unwanted calls

- Annoying telephone marketing calls or spam messages!

As soon as your phone rings, Whoscall can immediately let you know who the caller is

Now, it can even be used with your smartwatch.

2. Global coverage

­ - Who Wear uses the same database as Whoscall

- Astonishing database over 700 million global phone numbers

3. Caller ID from Whoscall database as well as information shared between users

- Report phone numbers and create a reliable communication network for everyone

▷ Check list ◁

Unlike previous versions, Who Wear functions independently without Whoscall

Whoscall and Who Wear can co-exist

* To install Whoscall :

▷ System requirements ◁

(1) Android v4.3 or above

(2) Lastest Android Wear or Watch Manager (for LG watch Urbane LTE)

(3) Stable internet connection

(4) Smartwatch connected to your smartphone

*** May encounter problems with some HTC mobile phones.

*** For LG watch Urbane LTE, if you want to use whoscall together, please install latest version on your phone

*** Optimized for the following devices:

- Android Wear : LG G watch

Samsung Gear Live

- webOS : LG watch Urbane LTE


- Android Wearデバイス

- LG電子のようなウェブOSデバイスは、都会的なLTEを見ます







   - 迷惑電話のマーケティングコールやスパムメッセージ!





- 誰が着用Whoscallと同じデータベースを使用しています

   - 驚異データベース億700以上のグローバルな電話番号



   - 電話番号を報告し、皆のための信頼性の高い通信ネットワークを作成





* Whoscallインストールするには:



(LGウォッチ都会的なLTEの場合)(2)最新のAndroid Wearまたはウォッチマネージャー




*** LGは都会的なLTEを見るためにあなたが一緒にwhoscall使用する場合は、お使いの携帯電話の最新バージョンをインストールしてください


- Android Wear:LG G腕時計


- ウェブOS:LG時計都会的なLTE