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Wearable Chess | Android Wear

Wearable Chess | Android Wear

Orangutan Development

Reviews: 34 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Enjoy the classic game of chess for free on your wrist with Wearable Chess!

If you don't have time to complete a game in one session, Wearable Chess will remember the position on the board and resume play when you re-open the app. You can start a new game at any time.

Round screens (like that of the Moto 360) are supported.

Features include:

- Undo move, in case you make a mistake

- The best AI opponent available for your wrist

- Option to highlight legal moves

- Option to vibrate when the CPU makes a move

If you upgrade to Wearable Chess Pro, you also get

- Improved AI with difficulty levels

- The ability to play as either white or black

- Two different chessboard styles

- Dark theme to save battery life

Best of all, this free edition is open-source!

Game play is powered by Toledo Nanochess, a small, powerful, open-source chess engine developed by Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez. (





- 撤消举动,如果你犯了一个错误

- 最好的AI对手可为您的手腕

- 选择要突出法律招式

- 选项振动当CPU使一招


- 改进的AI与难度级别

- 发挥为白色或黑色的能力

- 两种不同风格的棋盘

- 深色主题,以节省电池寿命


游戏是由托莱多Nanochess,体积小,功能强大,开源的国际象棋奥斯卡托莱多古铁雷斯开发发动机。 (