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Wear App Manager & Tracker

Wear App Manager & Tracker

Wearable Software

Reviews: 547 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

With App Tracker you can easily manage your software on the Android Wear device. See details such as storage size or permissions for your apps. Get an overview about installed apps. Quick uninstall apps with one touch.

In addition, you can get a notification when apps are installed updated or uninstalled on your smartwatch. Try this tool out for free. Please note: After installation, you should set the settings for the notifications on your watch.

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★ Get an overview about installed apps on your smartwatch

★ Uninstall apps

★ Open apps on phone

★ Open apps on google play

★ Permission usage

★ Storage usage

★ Install notifications

★ Uninstall notifications

★ Update notifications

★ Adjustable Notifications

Please note:

-Make sure your mobile is compatible with Android Wear.

-Make sure to pair your phone with the wearable device with help of the Android Wear App if you install the app.

Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Any ideas? Any issues with the app? Please let us know.

与App跟踪您可以轻松地管理Android Wear设备上的软件。查看详情,如存储大小或权限为您的应用程序。获取有关安装的应用程序的概述。快速卸载应用服务有一个触摸。


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- 确保您的手机与Android Wear兼容。

- 确保你安装的应用程序,以将您的手机与可穿戴设备与Android Wear应用程序的帮助。