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Turtle Quest - Clumsy Turtle

Turtle Quest - Clumsy Turtle

Teensy Studios

Reviews: 56 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Dive into adventure and fun with this smart tiny turtle. The turtle knows hows to swim but it needs your guidance to find way out of the underwater caves. Help it to escape the dangers of wildlife - and there are many!

Fiendishly difficult tap to make the turtle swim up, or he will be dragged to the sea floor. Navigate your way through the obstacles and get the best score you can!

- Great game to spend time and have fun

- Entertainment for the entire family

- Top arcade and action game.

- Beautiful adventure that explores the underwater world

- Race for you life

- Free, Free, Free


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潜入冒险和乐趣,这个聪明的小乌龟。乌龟知道怎么样了游泳,但它需要你的指导找到出路水下洞穴。帮助它逃脱野生动物的危险 - 而且有很多!


- 伟大的比赛,花时间和乐趣

- 娱乐为整个家庭

- 热门街机和动作游戏。

- 美丽的冒险,探索海底世界

- 比赛你的生活

- 免费,免费,免费

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