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PhoneWeaver Trial

PhoneWeaver Trial

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Aktion vom 28.9.11 bis 12.10.2011: Als Mobilfunkkunde der Telekom erhalten Sie automatisch und kostenlos die Vollversion freigeschaltet - gesponsert durch Telekom TopApps!

Der ultimative Profil-Manager! Nutze schlaue Profile die automatisch nach Zeit, Kalender, Verbindung und sogar Ort aktiv werden! Mit PhoneWeaver passt dein Gerät zu deinem Lifestyle wie ein smartes Telefon es sollte!



Events that cause a profile to became active:

Manual / Time. For manual or timed selection. Can optionally have launch times and / or a defined duration after witch it expires.

Default Time. Up to four different hours to start and what days of week shold work can be defined per profile.

Location. Automatically trigger the profile when the device is near a certain geographic point and exit profile when exiting.

Agenda. The profile can trigger on specific calendar appintments. Many filters are available.

Connections. Profiles can be automatically triggered when the device connections change, inluding wifi, power, bt, etc.


PDA Parameters can be asigned to a profile and activated with it:

Sounds and notifications


Ring type.

Notifications type.

Ring volume.

Call volume.

Linked Notifications volume to ring volume.

Notifications Volume.

Multimedia volume.

System volume.

Alarm volume.


Notification tone.

Repeating alarms.

Radio and comunications control






Cellular data connection

MMS data connections

Autoanswer calls


Data Sync



Screen Timeout


Auto rotate

Auto lock

Home wallpaper



Run program on porfile entering and close it on exit.

Automatic SIM PIN entering

1x1 and 4x1 Widgets

Optional taskbar active profile icon

Profile Lock

Manual profiles expiration timer

Options for backup/restore profiles

Complete, maps based location editor.

Localized to: English, German, Dutch, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Russian, Polish, Japanese.

Auto recalculation of profiles on Time Zone change or Time set.

Auto recalculation of profiles on system reboot.

Integrated access to PhoneWeaver Manual, FAQs and SBSH Facebook and Twitter pages.

Number of profiles: Unlimited

Sample profiles: Five sample profiles: Mute, Day, Night, Car GPS and Flight mode.

Disable: A profile can be disabled, maintaining its definition but not afecting to the PDA behavior.

Hide: A profile can be hidded, maintaining its functionality but not appearing on selecting menu.