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Penguin Survivor for Wear

Penguin Survivor for Wear

PHD Gaming LLC

Reviews: 14 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

You are a penguin! Who sadly cannot swim. As you hop from ice cube to ice cube dodging deadly turtles and icicles, you have one goal in mind: survive for as long as you can. This is no easy task... in fact, 30 seconds of life is an accomplishment!

Part puzzle, part maddening frustration, this game will truly test your ability to simply live. Good luck... you will need it!

Play instructions: just tap to jump. The longer the tap, the higher the jump!

★ Other FAQ Details ★

- This application supports both round and square watch screen types.

- There are no impossible situations presented (that I am currently aware of). The "puzzle" part is that while sections are randomly selected from a large pool, they are pre-designed and all have a solution.

- Known bugs to be fixed shortly: To leave the application, one occasionally has to swipe it closed twice.

★ Final Thoughts ★

Thank you for trying my application! If you like it, leave a review and tell your friends. :) Please email me if you notice any issues or believe something could be improved to make the experience better. Take care and have a good day!









- 此应用程序支持圆形和方形腕表的屏幕类型。


- 有没有提出任何不可能的情况下(即我目前知道的)。在“拼图”的一部分是,虽然部分是由一个大型游泳池随机选择,它们是预先设计的,所有有一个解决方案。


- 已知的bug会在短期内固定:要退出应用程序,人们偶尔有刷卡关闭它两次。



感谢您试用我的应用程序!如果你喜欢它,给评论,并告诉你的朋友。 :)请给我发电子邮件,如果你发现任何问题或相信的东西可以改进,使体验更好。请注意,有一个美好的一天!