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PRTG for Android

PRTG for Android

Paessler AG

Reviews: 1086 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

PRTG for Android brings the power of the PRTG Network Monitor interface to your Android 4.0+ devices. It requires a PRTG 14.1 or higher installation. If you encounter any bugs, please send them to, as we're not notified of new comments.

Features include:

• Full visibility into the state of your probes, groups, devices, sensors, and channels on multiple PRTG instances.

• Pause, acknowledge alarms, trigger scans, run device auto-discovery, etc. You can do a lot of things with the app that you can over the web interface or the Enterprise Console, with an interface tailored to your mobile device.

• QR code scanning makes it easy to jump directly to a sensor.

• Enhanced notifications can (optionally) alert you in your device's status bar when PRTG finds problems on your network.

• Home screen widgets (available only on 4.1 or higher, sorry!) allow you to keep an eye on your network without the app running in the foreground.

• Network tools such as ping, traceroute, and DNS lookups are included. We'll be adding more in the future!

To use this app, you need to run an installation of PRTG Network Monitor 14.1 or later that is accessible from the network your device is connected to. If you don't have a PRTG Network Monitor installed, you can still try a demo account, and the network tools are completely independent and don't require any PRTG server to operate.

Running an older version of Android or an older PRTG release? You can still use our previous release, PRTGdroid:

Required Permissions:

• INTERNET - Rather critical :-)

• CAMERA - Required for the QR scanner.

• WAKE_LOCK - Necessary for the alert functionality. Don't worry, we put a lot of effort into keeping our battery and network use as low as possible.

• Notifications can optionally VIBRATE your phone.

• We use ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and ACCESS_WIFI_STATE to check if the internet is available, and to determine whether or not we should load large graphs (we don't load them when you're on a mobile data network).

• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is needed to cache certain data.

• RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED lets us set notifications back up after a reboot.

If you have any problems or suggestions, we're happy to hear them. Just send us an email at

PRTG为Android带来的PRTG网络监视器接口供电,以你的Andr​​oid 4.0+设备。它需要一个PRTG 14.1或更高版本的安装。如果您遇到任何错误,请把它们发送给,新的意见,因为我们不是在收到通知。



•暂停,确认报警,触发扫描,运行设备自动发现,等你可以做很多事情的应用程序,你就可以通过Web界面或Enterprise Console中,与针对移动设备的接口。








•互联网 - 一叶知秋:-)

•CAMERA - 所需QR扫描仪。

•WAKE_LOCK - 必要的警报功能。别担心,我们投入了大量的精力来保持我们的电池和网络的使用尽可能低。