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Nova Material Watch Face -Free

Nova Material Watch Face -Free

Frillroid Watch Faces

Reviews: 987 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

This watch face was designed to give user all the required information in such a beautiful way that comprehends the beauty of Android Watch. Match Your Android watch with the color of your personality by customizing the watch through Mobile. Features(Pro-Version only) like Ambient mode, weather, sms notifications, email notifications, battery status. Frillroid focus is in creating professional looking watch faces. Each Watch Face is engineered by high quality design and required keen concentration to choose the watch colors with soothing effect which ultimately makes the watch unmatchable and incomparable.

Key custom features:-

• Latest Weather updates

• Classic Design

• Ultimate readability

• Clean and simplistic look

• Remaining battery life of your device so you exactly know when to charge

• Ambient mode engineered with the latest wear Api makes your watch’s battery stronger than ever

This watch face is for rectangular and circular smart watches such as the LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear Live, Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch, LG G WATCH R, and Samsung Gear Live

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How it works?

Its simple just download the app to your smartphone and sync it with the watch. The watch face that you will choose will be displayed on your watch screen. Open Settings from Android Wear app to customize the Watch Face. .

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这款手表的脸被设计给用户的所有需要​​的信息在领会Android的关注之美这样一个美丽的方式。通过手机定制手表匹配您的Andr​​oid手表与你的个性的颜色。特点(临版本)像环境模式,天气,短信通知,邮件通知,电池状态。 Frillroid重点是创建具有专业外观的手表的面孔。每个表盘是由高品质的设计,工程和所需敏锐的浓度选择手表的颜色与舒缓的效果最终使得腕表无与伦比无法比拟的。

键自定义功能: -







这款腕表的脸是矩形和圆形智能手表,如LG摹观察,LG摹观察R,三星Gear直播,摩托罗拉摩托360,LG摹观察,LG摹WATCH R,三星齿轮直播

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其简单的只需下载应用程序到您的智能手机,并同步其与手表。表盘,你会选择将显示你的手表屏幕上。从Android Wear应用程序打开的设置来定制手表表面。 。