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Neondive by Pluto

Neondive by Pluto


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★Please attention★

For the Samsung Gear S2 users, please search "Neondive by Pluto" or "WatchMaster" in the Gear apps then you will see the WatchMaster's individual watchfaces. We do not have WatchMaster's individual app for the Tizen right now. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

WatchMaster is a watchface designer group who set out to elevate the aesthetic standards of the smartwatch with its unrivaled design quality.

This smartwatch watchface for Android Wear is crafted by one of our WatchMaster certified designers.

All of our designs, including this watchface, are curated in our

WatchMaster app



- Watchface for Android Wear Device (Moto 360, G Watch R, SmartWatch 3, etc.)

- Support both round and square displays

- Customizable ambient mode

- Displayed information: numeric date, day of the week, watch battery level, phone battery level

- Day and night mode that change according to time of day (06:00, 18:00)

How to use

1. Once you install the app, the watchface will be automatically transferred to your watch. (may take a few minutes)

2. From watch: Long press your watchface and select the one that you have installed.

From mobile: Run the “Android Wear” app and tap “More” button in the watchface section

3. Enjoy your new watchface!


1. We stand by our work. If you’re not satisfied with our watchface, you can get a refund upon request within 15 minutes from the point of purchase.

2. Before you express your dissatisfaction through rating, please give us a chance to fix it for you. Send us feedback in any language at

3. Like your watchface? Great! Check out our other cool designs, too!

Having released several initial designs on our own, we now want to take this project to the next level – to join with other pioneering designers who are equally excited about shaping what smartwatch should look like. We welcome designers of all different styles. We will do our best to put your beautiful works on people’s wrists. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Contact us at

We will continue our endeavor to lead the future of Android Wear watch designs. Thanks for your support!




这对于Android Wear智能手表表盘是由我们WatchMaster认证的设计师之一制作。




- 表盘为Android Wear设备(MOTO 360,G观察R,SmartWatch 3即等)

- 支持圆形和方形显示器

- 可定制环境模式

- 显示信息:数字日期,星期几,看电池电量,手机电池电量

- 白天和夜间模式,根据一天中的时间变化(06:00 18:00)


1.当您安装应用程序时,表盘就会自动传输到您的手表。 (可能需要几分钟)


从手机:运行“Android Wear”的应用程序,并在表盘区域点击“更多”按钮






已经发布了自己的一些初步的设计,我们现在希望借此项目到一个新的水平 - 与其他创业的设计师是谁塑造左右应该是什么样的SmartWatch同样高兴能够加入。我们欢迎所有不同风格的设计师。我们将尽最大努力把你的美丽的作品对人们的手腕。听起来很好玩,对吧?联系我们在

我们将继续我们的努力带领Android Wear手表设计未来。感谢您的支持!