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InstaWeather for Android Wear

InstaWeather for Android Wear

byss mobile

Reviews: 15693 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Weather and Radar for Android Wear.

NOW with Interactive Watch Faces!

NOW with Google Fit integration!

"This app is fantastic for anyone who wants a running update on the weather for the day. With nine different faces there are tons of options in how your weather is displayed, what information you get, and how you get it."

Featuring multiple Weather Watch Faces:

- TWO radar maps combinations including satellite view: visible and infrared

- 24h forecast with temperature, participation information

*** NEW *** Google Fit watch face - comparing yesterday with today activity

- minimalistic forecast in 2 versions - digital and analog

- stylish LCD + analog Watch Face

- smart forecast face

- ultra useful Meteogram Watch Face

Rain notifications - with configurable distance.

METAR notifications.

App includes also standalone Wear App with all features if for some reason you don't like to use Watch Face.

Option to use special low power, low bit modes on all supported devices.

Battery indicator.

You can check if rain is coming, directly on your wrist.

Weather Radar (rain and snow) works in US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark (southern part only), Switzerland, Japan

Satellite coverage (visible and infrared - everywhere else)

In US it includes HD Radar information from NOAA

We worked hard and close with Google Team to deliver Interactive Watch Faces.

Now with one tap on watch face you change features.

Changing readings: wind/temperature/humidity/dew point/cloud cover requires just one tap.

Same goes for all Google Fit parameters calories/steps/duration/distance - just one tap!

HINT for Marshmallow users:

When watch face will not load after fresh install please look for Instaweather app on your watch and launch it, then accept permissions request. App and watch face will load next. This inconvenience will get fixed when Android on wear will get bump to 6.0

If your App does not work displaying only "Wait please"

follow fixes from Android Wear help center

clearing App data will solve your problem

Android Wearのための天気とレーダー。


NOW Googleのフィットとの統合で!



- TWOレーダー衛星ビューを含む組み合わせをマップ:可視および赤外線

- 温度で24時間予報、参加情報

*** NEW *** Googleのフィットは、顔を見て - 今日の活動で昨日比較します

- 最小限の2バージョンでの予報 - デジタルとアナログ

- スタイリッシュなLCD +アナログウォッチフェイス

- スマート予測顔

- 超便利なMeteogramウォッチフェイス

雨の通知 - 設定可能な距離に。







衛星カバレッジ(可視および赤外線 - 他の場所)





同じことが、すべてのGoogleフィットパラメータカロリー/ステップ/期間/距離のために行く - ワンタップ!


ときに時計面では、新鮮な時計でInstaweatherアプリを探し、それを起動し、[アクセス許可の要求を受け入れてくださいインストールした後にロードされません。アプリと時計の顔は、次のロードされます。摩耗のAndroid 6.0へのバンプしまいますと、この不便さは、固定されてしまいます


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