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MivaTek International Inc.

Reviews: 149 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Home8 is a next-generation interactive video alarm and awareness solution and service provider, covers security, safety, video, health-care, energy management, and home control applications in one integrated mobile App.

Home8 offers free video-integrated self-monitoring and collaborative multi-user and multi-location service upgrades to protect your properties, assets, and loved ones. Home8 system is 100% internet-based, 100% wireless, ultra-secure video, system in-a-box can be installed in minutes, and can save consumer thousands of dollars from traditional alarm contract.

Home8 is een next-generation interactieve video alarm en bewustwording oplossing en service provider, heeft betrekking op beveiliging, veiligheid, video, gezondheidszorg, energie management en home control toepassingen in één geïntegreerde mobiele App.

Home8 biedt gratis-video geïntegreerde zelfcontrole en collaboratieve multi-user en multi-locatie service-upgrades om uw eigenschappen, vermogen te beschermen, en geliefden. Home8 systeem is 100% internet-gebaseerde, 100% draadloos, ultra-beveiligde video, systeem in-a-box in enkele minuten kan worden geïnstalleerd, en kunnen duizenden dollars van de consument te redden van de traditionele alarm contract.